Swedish Massage

Can't Resist!

90/120mins$168 / $220

Feeling stressed out, not sleeping well, at the edge of depression and anxiety?
A relaxing Swedish massage is the perfect remedy for you.
It uses long flowing strokes to muscles and joints, focus on improving blood circulation, lymph and relaxing superficial muscles.

Let us help you to release endorphins that promotes emotional well-being . It is such a soothing & relaxing massage that no one will say no.

Book us today and we come to you with our professional service, hassle free and at the comfort at your home !


  • Reduce Fatigue, Depression and Anxiety Stimulate blood circulation
  • Calming nervous system
  • Stress Relief
  • Boost the immune system
  • Improve lymphatic drainage of metabolic waste

Not suitable for:

  • History of phlebitis or thrombosis Kidney disease
  • Recent surgery
  • High blood pressure or heart problems

Package available : 5 times treatments – 90/120mins $158 / $238

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